Wisdom of the Fathers – Fasting

Pure fasting is highly acceptable before God, and it is kept as a treasure in heaven. It is a weapon against the Evil One, and a shield which receives the arrows of the Adversary. Indeed my friend, fasting is not only [abstaining] from bread and water, for there are many ways to undertake a fast. For there is also the one who abstains in order to be a virgin, and who has hunger but does not eat, and has thirst but does not drink; this fast is better. There is also the one who fasts by building a fence around his mouth, so as to avoid speaking hateful words, and there is the one who abstains from anger, who crushes his desire [to get angry] so that he might not be conquered [by it]. For there is the one who abstains from property, so that he might free himself for his work, and there is the one who abstains from any kind of bed, in order to remain wide awake in prayer. [finally], there is the one who brings together all of these practices and makes them one fast.

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