Basic Spiritual Practices by Fr. Antonios Baky

This past Sunday during the sermon, Fr. Antonios called for all of us to strive at least for some basic spiritual practices. With God’s grace we can as a church and individuals get closer to our Father in Heaven. Every day… let us commit to praying the 1st (Prime, Bakr) and 12th hours (Compline, Noum) […]

September 19, 2011 in Articles, Confession, Coptic New Year (Nayrooz), Sacraments, Spirituality by

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Servant’s Prep Materials

Servant’s Prep Materials made by H.G. Bishop Youssef and the Southern USA Diocese

April 8, 2011 in Articles, Baptism, Bible, Chrismation, Confession, Discipline, Faith, Fasting, Hymns, Marriage, Orthodoxy, Prayer, Priesthood, Repentance, Rites & Rituals, Sacraments, Salvation, Seasons, Spirituality by

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