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Various Authors

Homilies & Commentaries on the Epistles of St. Paul by St. John Chrysostom

On the Incarnation by St. Athanasius

The Life of St. Antony by St. Athanasius

Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Anba Abraam the Bishop of Fayoum by William A. Hanna, Ph.D.

Community of Love by Bless USA

The Transfigured Cross by John H. Watson

The Lamp that Lights the Darkness by Ibn Kabar

Religious Freedom and Persecution in Egypt by The American Center for Law & Justice

Selections from The Sayings of the Desert Fathers by Various Authors

The Coptic Christians of Egypt Today: Under the Threat of Annhialation by Baheg T. Bistawros

The Coptic Calendar by Bishoy K.R. Dawood

St. Cyril Liturgy Reference Book by Fr. Abraam D. Sleman

St. Basil Liturgy Reference Book by Fr. Abraam D. Sleman

Coptic Music: Selected Writings by Ragheb Moftah Habashy

Coptic Interpretations of the Fourth Ecumenical Council by Fr. Matthias F. Wahba

Biblical Elements in Coptic Icons by Ilie Melniciuc

A Course of Lessons in Coptic Language by Dr. Nabil S. Isshak

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation by William A. Hanna, PhD.

The Meaning of the Holy Trinity by Fr. Abraam D. Sleman

Works of the Late Deacon Youssef Habib Yousef by Yousef Habib Yousef

Coptic Dictionary

Two Resurrections and Glories by H.G. Bishop Moussa

Story of the Copts by Iris Habil el Masri

Monasticism by Mark Mikhael

History of the Coptic Liturgy by Hany N. Takla

Focus on the Coptic Family by Fr. Mikhail Mikhail

Doctrinal Theology by Deacon Amir Hanna

Born Crucified by H.G. Bishop Moussa

The Servants Book- A Spiritual Guide for Sunday School Service by St. Mary’s Church, Raleigh, NC

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